My startup is featured on the Economist!

My startup is featured on the Economist!

An internet of airborne things

“The spread of mobile phones in developing countries in the past decade has delivered enormous social and economic benefits. By providing a substitute for travel, phones can make up for bad roads and poor transport infrastructure, helping traders find better prices and boosting entrepreneurship. But although information can be delivered by phone—and, in a growing number of countries, money transferred as well—there are some things that must be delivered physically. For small items that are needed urgently, such as medicines, why not use drone helicopters to deliver them, bypassing the need for roads altogether?”

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About mint

Mint received a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. She is a scientist and peace activist. She believes that innovation and technology enable people to express their full potential. She believes that ideas and ideals can transform human hearts and, therefore, the world. She believes that dialogue imparting hope and courage is the path for lasting peace. Based on the profound philosophy based on the dignity of life she learned from her mentor, Daisaku Ikeda, Mint has shared her thoughts on various topics related to peace such as value-creating education, and nuclear disarmament at Harvard Kennedy School, MIT and Tufts University.

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