Mint’s Short Bio

After receiving a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, Mint went on to pursue her dreams, that is to develop the technology that will impact and change lives for the underprivileged in Thailand. Her current projects include co-creating affordable and reliable prosthetic devices, reducing the cost of medical imaging, and providing disruptive and innovative education.

She believes that innovation and technology enable people to express their full potential.
She believes that ideas and ideals can transform human hearts and, therefore, the world.
She believes that dialogue imparting hope and courage is the path for lasting peace.

Based on the profound philosophy of her mentor in life, Daisaku Ikeda, of the sanctity and interconnectedness of life, Mint has shared her thoughts on peace such as value-creating education, and nuclear disarmament at Harvard Kennedy School, MIT and Tufts University.

In summer of 2011, she was chosen to attend Singularity University among nearly 3,000 applicants. After the program, Mint and her team started ARIA logistics a company whose goal is to eradicate poverty for the billion people via roadless transportation. ARIA was recently featured on BBC Future.